Below is an example of what we can already develop: The Hy-Cycle – An hydrogen powered bicycle. Help us to take products like this to the market!

Our technology is ready to be taken to the next level! We are continuing our research into materials that have the potential to make the technology even more efficient, but what we have achieved to date is ready to go. We would like to start work on developing manufacturing and deployment processes, so that these materials can be made available in the short term and new business generated in Australia.

DSC_2183b2 HyCycle_ (12)
DSC_2186b2 HyCycle_ (13)
H2_Canister_Hy_Cycle HyCycle_ (19)

More compact than a battery, this canister of hydrogen storage material can provide 738 Wh of energy!

See the Hy-Cyle in action